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Advisory Council

Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council serves in an advisory capacity to the principal. Its authority is derived from the Archbishop of Atlanta, the Superintendent of Schools, and the Archdiocesan School Advisory Council. Its mission is to provide a quality Catholic education for all children whose parents desire to take advantage of such an opportunity.

Ex-Officio Members:
Most Reverend Bishop Joel M. Konzen
Diane Starkovich, Ph.D. , Superintendent of Schools, Archdiocese of Atlanta

School Advisory Council Members:

David Smith  - Chair
Peter Foglesong- Vice Chair
Nana Boakye- Secretary
Donna Brodowski
Patricia Glover
Ruth Connelly
Brenda Georges
Jose Beleno
George Wilkerson

Finance Committee Members:

Donna Brodowski
David Smith
Robert Malally
Lorraine Leslie 


2019-2020 Advisory Council Meetings (meetings are open to any stakeholders)
August 27- 5:30 pm- Minutes
October 15- 5:30 pm
December 17 - 5:30 pm
February 25 - 5:30 pm
April 21 - 5:30 pm
May 19 - 5:30 pm


2018-2019 Advisory Council Meetings 

September 12- 7:00 am- Minutes
October 16- 4:30 pm- Minutes
November 13- 4:30 pm- Minutes
January 16- 7:00 am- Minutes
March 19- 4:30 pm- Minutes
May 8- 7:00 am- Minutes