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Why Choose Our Lady of Victory?

Rigorous Academics

Challenging curriculum aligned to national standards
Average standardized test scores above the national average
Well-rounded course offerings including art, music, foreign language, technology, and PE to complement the core subjects of religion, math, language arts, social studies, and science
Accredited schools staffed by qualified professionals

Faith-Based Education

Daily education in values which complements the teaching of the child’s primary educators, his/her parents
Instruction grounded in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and integrated throughout the curriculum
Age-appropriate opportunities for students to practice and grow in their faith through service to others in weekly liturgical celebrations


Nurturing Environment

Welcomes and embraces diversity
Supportive community that cultivates self-discipline and motivation and encourages student learning and achievement
Structured programs to maximize learning opportunities


Technology curriculum which focuses on basic skills including keyboarding, digital citizenship, and problem solving
State of the art technology resources and applications across academic disciplines
Fully equipped whole-class computer lab