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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader

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A Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader
Practice Quiz Tracking Form

Dear Families,

The Accelerated Reader incentive program, sponsored by the Media Center is designed to encourage all students to participate and grow, while developing a deeper lover of reading.  Quarterly goals are based on approximately 20 minutes of daily reading. The point system and goal levels for the program are below.

Reading practice goals*:
PK/Kindergarten Goals per Quarter: 4 points
First Grade Goals per Quarter: 5-7.5 points
Second Grade Goals per Quarter: 9 points
Third Grade Goals per Quarter: 14 points
Fourth Grade Goals per Quarter: 16 points
Fifth Grade Goals per Quarter: 18 points
6th Grade Goals per Quarter: 22 points
7th Grade Goals per Quarter: 25 points
8th Grade Goals per Quarter: 28 points

*Goals met may count as a class/home work, quiz or test grade for Language Arts based on the teacher's preference. Points are based on 20-30 minutes of reading a day, over an eight week period. 

‚ÄčIn conclusion, students should enjoy visiting the library and checking out books they enjoy, but they should also be checking out books that are on their level and help with their reading skills. Younger students should check out at least one “dot book,” (an AR book) using the “Fiver Finger Rule”. The “Five Finger Rule” was taught at the beginning of the school year and is something the students use when they are not sure a book is challenging enough.

Color Coding:

  • Green: Pk/K/1st
  • Yellow: 2nd
  • Red: 3rd
  • Blue: 4th 
  • Orange: 5th 
  • Light Green: Middle School

Thank you for your support and cooperation,

Mrs. Schenck
Our Lady of Victory Catholic School