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Virtual Curriculum/Orientation

Mr. Wilkerson's Welcome for Virtual Open House/Curriculum Night 2021

Open House/Curriculum Night

Mr. Wilkerson


See links below for teacher messages and FAQ:

(Windows media player will be needed to watch videos)

Middle Division 

Ms. Paul (5th Grade)

Ms. Crisillis  (6th-8th Social Studies)

Ms. Gex Davis (6th-8th Literature) video and Powerpoint presentation

Ms. Jones (6th-8th Science and 7th and 5th Math) 

Dr. Shalinski (MD Math) - See video below

Ms. Krabel (5th-8th Religion)

Ms. Martinez (6th-8th ELA Writing and 5th Math Enrichment)


Lower Division

Ms. Wilson (1st and 2nd Grade) - See video below

Ms. Shupenus (3rd and 4th Grade)



FAQ - Specials Classes/Overview

Library AR and Book Checkout


Dr. Shalinski's Video

Dr Shalinski open house

Ms. Wilson's Video

Ms. Wilson's Open House/Curric. Video