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Admissions Criteria

Admissions Criteria

Students will be considered for admission to Our Lady of Victory Catholic School who are willing to agree with and abide by the religious, academic, and behavior requirements of the school and whose parents/guardians demonstrate a desire for the school to assist them in their parental role as primary educators.

Continued enrollment in any given school year and re-enrollment in any subsequent years are subject to the parents’/guardians’ continued support of the mission of the school, as documented in the Family Handbook, and the maintenance of a demonstrably effective and supportive relationship between the school and family.

A student applying for admission to the seventh or eighth grade must present a certified copy of his or her academic transcript and disciplinary record from the school previously attended as a pre-requisite for admission.

All Archdiocesan Catholic Schools adhere to the Georgia State Law requirements for entry to pre-kindergarten,  kindergarten and first grade.  For pre-kindergarten, a child must be four on or before September 1st, for kindergarten, a child must be five on or before September 1st, and for first grade, a child must be six on or before September 1st.

A child must undergo a readiness screening before acceptance into pre-kindergarten and kindergarten.  For first through eighth grades, academic and behavior records, as well as a screening assessment, are pre-requisites to be considered for admission. The Admission Committee reviews all applications and determines if OLV is able to meet the needs of the applicant.  The decision of the Admission Committee will be conveyed to the parents in writing.  In all cases, the principal may exercise discretion in the admission process.

Priority Guidelines for Admissions:In the admission of students, and subject to the overriding discretion of the principal, priority consideration shall be given to the following criteria in the order listed:

1.      Currently enrolled students who are eligible for re-enrollment

2.      Siblings of currently enrolled students or alumni

3.      Students who are children of employees within the building

4.      Students in good standing on the current waiting list from feeder parishes

5.      Students from other parishes in the Archdiocese of Atlanta

6.      Students transferring from another Catholic school

7.      Non-Catholic students

Verification by the pastor of active family participation in a Catholic parish will be an important factor in the admission process. All Catholic students must provide an annual Parish Verification Form from their home parish indicating that they are “active” parishioners. It is an expectation of all Catholic parents to be active in their parish and contribute time, talent, and treasure.

Parents are further required to submit a certified copy of original birth certificate, a copy of student’s baptismal certificate, a copy of student’s Social Security Card, and valid Georgia Certificate of Immunization (Form 3231). All children must meet state and local standards for immunization. Georgia law requires that a certificate of good health be presented annually and that children meet state standards for immunization (OC-10-2-771).  There is no provisional admission.  For medical exemptions, a physician may indicate the condition on the form.  The medical exemption is applicable when a child has a long-term condition that contraindicates immunization, and such exemption must be renewed annually by the attending medical physician.  The Catholic Church does not recognize an exemption based upon matter of conscience/religious exemption.

All new students must undergo a comprehensive physical examination.  This physical must be signed by a licensed physician, MD, DO, RNP, or a PA working under the direction of a licensed physician.

All new students to OLV are on probation for the first quarter to ascertain that OLV is the appropriate educational environment for the student. Factors considered in the decision include the student’s academic performance, effort, conduct, disciplinary record, and study habits. 

Tuition scholarships are awarded based upon need, as calculated by an independent FACTS financial evaluation, and availability of funds.  All tuition scholarship requests (including the FACTS report) are then reviewed by the tuition scholarship committee, which makes the final determination on scholarship awards. Families receive written notification of committee’s decision and scholarship award, as applicable. Application packets are available from the business office, as well as on-line. 

Admission to OLV is dependent upon having met all financial obligations at former schools.  A family may not carry over tuition due from a previous year. 

Students who enter OLV from a home-school program will be placed in the appropriate grade based upon the evaluation and assessment made by the Admissions Committee.

In accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church, Our Lady of Victory Catholic School does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, or national origin in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic programs, and all other school-administered programs.