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FAQ on Tuition Scholarship and Payments:

  • Q: What charges are paid through the FACTS Payment Program?
  • A: Only tuition charges are paid through FACTS. All other miscellaneous charges like cafeteria meals, sports fees and late fees among others, are paid directly to OLV and will appear in your monthly statements.
  • Q:Will FACTS payments show on my monthly statements from OLV?
  • A: YES. You may view your FACTS account activity by going to their website: Select My FACTS from the drop down box and follow the prompts. For more information regarding this service offered by FACTS Management Company, you may contact them at 800-863-2287 or
  • Q: I paid my tuition in full directly to OLV. Will my payment show in the statement?
  • A: YES. If you paid your tuition in full directly to OLV, a monthly tuition charge will be reflected on your statement to go against the pre-paid tuition until the amount is consumed. Your statement payable balance will always reflect current, non-tuition charges for the month.
  • Q: I do not see a payment I made on my statement. How do I know OLV received it?
  • A: Payments received up to the 20th of the month prior to the statement date will be reflected on each statement. If your payment is received and/or logged after this cut off date, it will appear on the next statement.
  • Q: I need to change my FACTS information set-up. Who do I contact to make the necessary changes?
  • A: You need to contact the business office to make changes to your FACTS account set-up. You may communicate your request by email. It is recommended however, that changes pertaining to sensitive information, like bank account numbers, should be made directly to the school’s business manager.
  • Q:How much prior notice should be given to OLV to implement changes in my FACTS account?
  • A: Any change in your FACTS account must be communicated to OLV at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of your monthly debit in order for the change to take effect on your next scheduled payment.

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