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Tuition Schedule

Tuition for 2018-2019 School Year:  $8,842

Tuition Update:  Starting with the 2019-2020 school year, OLV will move to a Catholic/Non-Catholic tuition structure. All families currently enrolled, Catholic and Non-Catholic, will be locked in with the “Catholic tuition rate”.  

All new Non-Catholic families, starting in the 2019-2020 school year, will have a different tuition rate than our Catholic families.  This year is the last year to enroll at OLV before the rates change.

Tuition Policy & Incidental Charges:  Tuition is the financial obligation that parents accept when their child is admitted to Our Lady of Victory Catholic School (the “School”).  The operation of the School is contingent upon the collection of tuition; therefore, parents are expected to abide by the tuition guidelines stated below:

Tuition is determined by the budget, which is prepared in December/January of each year.
Tuition payments are not tax deductible.
Tuition payment options​
Option 1:  Annual payment – full payment* with 2% discount is due on/before designated date set by the business office (*full payment without financial aid/scholarship assistance)

Option 2: Monthly payment plan:
                  Eleven (11) monthly payments are made beginning in June and ending in April.

All tuition payments are made through the FACTS Tuition Management Program.  Parents’ tuition payments are made through auto debit of a designated account.

In addition to all tuition payments being tendered through FACTS, all incidental charges will also be processed through FACTS.  The purpose of “incidental billing” is to eliminate the number of checks that parents are requested to write and improve upon the school’s efficiency in handling payments.

Incidental charges include, but are not limited to, re-enrollment fees, registration fees, team sport fees, field trips, yearbook fees, etc.  Parents will be notified by FACTS (via e-mail) of their monthly incidental charges; at which time, parents are prompted to log onto the FACTS website and view the details of their account.  Parents will have the choice of paying incidental charges by bank debit or credit card directly to FACTS.

If an auto debit is made to the designated account and there are insufficient funds, the parent will incur a late charge of $40 from the school, as well as late fees from his/her bank. 

For any questions, contact the Business Office:
Alejandra Gordon

Delinquent Tuition

Tuition paid after the established monthly due date but before the first day of the next month will be assessed a $40.00 late fee (as referenced above).

Delinquent Tuition & Incidental Fee Collections

1.                  Tuition and/or incidental fees delinquent 30 days, a late notice will be mailed to parents.

2.                  Tuition and/or incidental fees delinquent 60 days, a late notice will be mailed to parents.

3.                  Tuition and/or incidental fees delinquent 75 days, parents will be contacted by phone or e-mail to arrange for payment.

4.                  Tuition and/or incidental fees delinquent 90 days, the account will be assigned to an independent collection agency.

The School has the right to refuse class admittance to any student whose account is delinquent more than sixty (60) days.  The student may return to class when the delinquent account is current and the Principal agrees to reinstate the student.

A student will not be eligible for class trips and school retreats if the student’s account is delinquent.

Transcripts, report cards, awards and diplomas are the property of the School and will not be issued to the student (or the parents of the student) if the student’s account is delinquent.

A graduating 8th grade student’s account must be current one (1) month prior to the student’s last day of school in order for the student to participate in the graduation ceremonies.

A returning student’s account must be current two (2) weeks prior to the student’s last day of school of the current school year.  If the account is not current, the student will not be permitted to enroll for the upcoming school year.

This policy is not meant to be punitive, but in fairness to all families and our mission to educate, we expect our families to maintain current tuition accounts.  The School has a history of working in good faith with families in need, but families must communicate with the School, commit to a payment plan that is acceptable to all parties, and fulfill the terms of the approved payment plan.

(July 2012)

All tuition payments are made via the FACTS Tuition Program.

Cash IS NOT ACCEPTED as a form of payment.

Student Accident Insurance:There is a standard liability policy carried on each student through the Archdiocese, which applies to school sponsored functions on the campus or away.


After School Program Billing Policies