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Athletic Policies

Athletic Policies

The Our Lady of Victory Catholic School Athletic Program is designed to promote lifetime fitness, while also developing sportsmanship, teamwork, and sports skills. Therefore, participation is one of the program’s primary goals. The program is designed to introduce students and to expose students to a variety of sports and to teach basic skills and rules. The athletic program offers our middle school students an opportunity to refine their talents and to acquire a healthy attitude towards competition and sportsmanship. Any student who has the desire, and is willing to abide by the team rules, will be allowed to participate in our athletic program.


Points of Emphasis

Due to the time demands of interscholastic sports, participation will require a serious commitment (both athletically and academically) from the players. Furthermore, OLV athletes are expected to maintain the highest standards of courtesy and discipline, as these students are the school’s most visible representatives throughout the community.

Expectations of Athletes
The OLV athlete has a difficult task of performing not only on the field, court or track, but also excelling in the classroom. The athletic program expects all team members to be true student-athletes. Every participant must manage his/her time efficiently and maintain a healthy approach to the academic and athletic demands brought on by teachers and coaches.

General Expectations

  • Show respect to the faculty, coaches, and staff of OLV or any opposing school team.
  • Observe and obey all team rules.
  • Maintain a level of conduct that will earn respect for self and for the school.
  • Compete in a manner that always demonstrates good sportsmanship.
  • Realize that athletic competition is an honor and a privilege that carries responsibilities.
  • Treat visiting teams as guests.
  • Perform your best in the classroom, as well as during games and practices.
  • Academic Expectations
  • All students involved in the OLV Athletic Program are expected to maintain passing grades and appropriate behavior in the classroom. If a player does not live up to these academic responsibilities, the status of that player will be reviewed by the teacher, principal, coach, and parents to determine if involvement on the team is interfering with ability to perform in the classroom.

Note to players and their parents
While players and their parents should realize that team involvement will require increased time management for academic studies, the school and coaches will support players who ask for help with subjects that are causing difficulty. We also encourage parents to discuss potential problems with the coach before removing their child from a sports activity. Many times an alternative solution can be agreed upon which is more beneficial to the child, parent, and team.

Medical Forms
Every student who participates on an OLV team is required to provide the “Medical Emergency Form for Athletics” and the “Pre-participation Physical Evaluation” form (includes History Form, Physical Examination Form, and Clearance Form) to the OLV front office. Forms are available on the OLV website. Should it be necessary that medication(s) be administered to student when the school nurse is not available, such medication(s) may only be administered by student’s parent(s)/legal guardian(s) and medication(s) must be made available by student’s parent(s)/legal guardian(s) for each sporting practice and event.

Expectations of Volunteer Coaches
The volunteer coaches at OLV should always set the pace and lead by example. The volunteer coaches of each sport are responsible for directing their players and should always make a point to emphasize courtesy, discipline, responsibility, teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Volunteers who work on a regular basis with, or in close proximity to, students during the school day, or at school-sponsored activities, will be required to obtain an affirmative background investigation report through the same agency as employees. Results of background investigative reports will be kept strictly confidential; and, except as required by law, information will only be revealed to the applicant or a person whose duty requires him/her to review the results. The sole purpose of the investigative report is a determination regarding the qualifications of an individual to work as an employee or volunteer at the school.

Any volunteers, including, but not limited to, room parents, library helpers, field trip chaperons, volunteer coaches, and monitors, are required to undergo all “Safe Environment” requirements, background checks, and reference checks, as set forth by the Archdiocese.

General Expectations

  • Treat each athlete in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Strive to be consistent in expectations.
  • Communicate team goals and expectations.
  • Stress sportsmanship and appropriate behavior from players. Teach athletes to win by use of fair and legitimate means only.
  • Maintain coaching skills at the highest levels. Participation in workshops, clinics, and professional associations is encouraged.
  • Maintain the highest personal standards of conduct that reflect Gospel values and the mission and core values of OLV.
  • Maintain friendly relationships with other coaches, referees and administrators.
  • Ensure that all injuries are handled in the proper manner.
  • Inform the coach and principal of any unusual events that occur with the players, parents or team. Maintain a constant line of communication with all coaches and principal. Problems or concerns should be addressed in a professional and timely manner.

Facility & Equipment Policies and Procedures

  • Ensure the proper use of equipment and report any misuse of the equipment and/or facility.
  • Inspect the field and/or the facility for both cleanliness and safety before practice and games.
  • Do not leave the building until the last student from your group has left. If emergencies arise, see that someone assumes your responsibility.
  • Check the locker room before leaving to see that it is left in proper order.
  • Be sure all equipment is put away and that the storage room is locked and all lights are out.
  • Relations with Other Schools
  • Serve as a “host” and direct visiting teams to their locker room. Be sure that the locker room is ready for use.
  • After the game, check the visitor’s locker room and bring any items left behind to their coach.
  • Make every effort to ensure security is provided for equipment and valuables.
  • When visiting other schools, check the locker room before departure and see that the area is left in the condition in which it was found.
  • Ensure that all borrowed equipment is returned to the proper area.