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OLV Athletic News & Updates: 

Track and Field practice has begun.  See Coach Crane for details.

Remember, our sports program is open to any 5th-8th grader that is eligible and has a completed physical on file.  Contact Coach Crane for more details.

Congratulations to the Basketball and Volleyball Teams for an excellent season!


Our Lady of Victory Interscholastic Sports Program

Beginning in the fifth grade, OLV encourages students to participate in our interscholastic sports program. Students in grades 5 through 8 are exposed to various sports within the Private Athletic Conference (P.A.C.). The P.A.C. is an association of several private schools that compete against each other in school athletics. The league is designed to provide experience for students wanting to pursue sports at a higher level of instruction. The main focus of the league is to foster friendly competition and good sportsmanship. 

P.A.C. Sports
Co-ed Soccer (Fall) 
Girls’ Volleyball (Fall) 
Boys’ Basketball (Winter)
Girls’ Basketball (Winter)
Boys’ Track & Field (Spring)
Girls’ Track & Field (Spring) 

P.A.C. Member Schools
Our Lady of Victory (Tyrone)
St. Paul's (Peachtree City)
St. John's (Hapeville)
Odyssey (Sharpsburg)  


Athletic Policies:

All students must have met academic standards before being allowed to try out and are expected to continue to meet academic standards throughout the season.

To be eligible to participate in the OLV sports program students must maintain passing grades, 70 and up, in all subjects. Eligibility will be checked every quarter and on interim reports determined by the administration. Any student on academic probation is not eligible to participate in the sports program.

Students who are ineligible to play in OLV sports program are also ineligible to play Middle School Sports at our Archdiocesan High School programs for middle school students.

Grades will be reviewed at the Interim report period, as well as at the end of the marking period.

As a reminder, all forms can be printed from the OLV website located within the “sports program” section of the OLV website. 

Athletic Forms
Athletics Medical Emergency Form (PDF)
Athletic Travel Permission Form (PDF)

Physical Examination Forms (to be Completed by all Students)
Parent Form (PDF)
Doctor Form (PDF)

Consent for Physical (PDF)

Other Forms
Athletic Permission Form

OLV Athletic Policies
View Policies

Athletic Travel Directions
Athletic Event Locations

Volunteer Forms
Archdiocesan Volunteer Forms


OLV Basketball
OLV Track
OLV Soccer
OLV Basketball
OLV Volleyball
OLV Track
OLV Soccer
OLV Soccer